Q-See Wireless Baby Monitor

SCM Rating: ★★★★☆
Q-See Portable Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

We bought this on sale for $100. A great recommendation from my brother-in-law. It comes with night vision and is super stylish. The alarm is very loud so it will be sure to wake up sleepy parents. We love this product since we don’t co-sleep with Matthew. Even though we live in a two-bedroom apartment and we can hear him across the rooms, we rely on this baby monitor quite a bit. When you are in deep sleep, you know you’ll want to be awaken when needed just in case.


+ Loud Alarm – Both my husband and I are deep sleepers. We also don’t co-sleep with Matthew so we want to make sure we can hear the alarm when it goes off.
+ Night Vision – We love this feature. Sometimes Matthew would kick off his blanket at night so we rely on this feature to make sure we can see what he’s doing in his crib.
+ Durable – I’m probably the most clumsy person. I have dropped monitor numerous times. I expected to get a second one because I was so sure I’ll break this one. No need for that.


– Small Screen – It doesn’t bother me but some people may have a thing for bigger screen.

Q-See Wireless Baby Monitor Q-See Wireless Baby Monitor Q-See Wireless Baby Monitor

Buy.com: Q-See QSW8209C 2.5 TFT Baby Monitor w/Wireless Night Vision & Audio Camera

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