Teething Blanket by Learning Curve

SCM Rating: ★★★★★

The First Years Terry Teething Blanket by Learning Curve

Matthew enjoys this teething blanket even though he was not teething quite yet. I gave him this blanket when he was 5 months old and he just enjoys touching the material and looking at the colorful and vibrate color/patterns. The sound from the squeeze really surprises him and he gets excited when he hears it. I also play catch with him using this little blanket. Occasionally I’ll let him have it and he thinks he caught it. He would then hold it tightly and won’t let go. It’s so funny to watch him. Once he is truly teething, I’m sure he’ll love the plastic part of this blanket for biting.
Teething Blanket by Learning Curve
Learning Curve Baby Star Teething Blanket

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