Boppy New Bare Naked Pillow

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Boppy New Bare Naked Pillow
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No wonder this is one of the most popular baby items with parents. I totally endorse this product. It’s the perfect place to put down your new baby. When Matthew was small, he spit up a lot because during feeding, he sucks in a lot of air. After burping, we would keep him in a tilted position for at least another half an hour. Boppy Pillow became our best friend. We can easily move it from place to place. Matthew loved sleeping in it. He actually didn’t like it much when we held him.


+ Functional – Not only it’s great to put a baby it for napping, you can use it during feeding as well. The shape is perfect for fitting around your waist and supporting your elbow. I don’t breast feed directly but I know many moms use it during feeding and just love this product.
+ Light Weight – It’s light weight so you can hold your baby in one hand and use the other to grab the pillow. It’s still pretty strong so it can support a baby’s weight.
+ Secure – The half circle shape securely wraps around a baby like two arms. I fill the whole with blanket if it’s two shallow to provide more cushioning.

Boppy New Bare Naked Pillow Boppy New Bare Naked Pillow Boppy New Bare Naked Pillow Boppy Bare Naked Pillow Boppy Pillow w/ Slipcover – Cars

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