Bumbo Baby Sitter – Blue

SCM Rating: ★★★☆☆
Bumbo Baby Sitter – Blue
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Let me explain the low rating but first I must say that I totally endorse this product. Matthew was able to sit in it well supported and it was truly exciting to see him do that. We put him on the dinner table so he can watch us eat. It was easy to move it around the apartment. OK, now back to the low rating which was given because of short lifespan on this product. Matthew is a very active baby. He sat in the Bumbo only briefly until he got the urge to jump out. It created a scare for us and we ended up having to watch him closely. In the end, he probably sat in it for a day or two until we saw that the high chair worked much better for him. I think perhaps for babies who can sit still, this is a great product. I would totally add the tray, too. Unfortuantley it provided so little usage for us that it turned out to be a waste of money.


+ Perfect Fit – I was amazed how well it fitted a baby’s body. To be able to see a baby sitting is just amazing.
+ Strong Material – The material used for Bumbo chair is actually soft but strong at the same time. It felt comfortable touching it and it’s very easy to clean.
+ Mobility – We were able to take the Bumbo chair and place it practically anywhere in our apartment. It was nice to be able to have dinner while Matthew sat in his Bumbo chair and watched us eat.


– Short Lifespan – Even if Matthew enjoyed his Bumbo chair and would sit still in it, I think he would have out-grown it very quickly. Overall, high chair worked better for us.

Bumbo Baby Sitter - Blue

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